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Best Ashwagandha Gummies – By Category

One of the more widely searched health-related topics recently has been about ashwagandha. Ever heard of it? Ashwagandha is an herb that has been used for centuries by Indians to treat all sorts of things. Today, ashwagandha can be found in all kinds of forms – liquid, pill or even gummies. We decided to take a look at the best ashwaganadha gummies out there to determine which one is the best! 

While there is still insufficient scientific evidence out there to support ashwagandha’s effects on treating disease and stress, it has been widely adopted particularly as a source of stress relief or sleep aid. Because there are so many ashwagandha gummy brands out there, we took a look at popular categories to find out which are the best ashwagandha gummies in each space. Read on to learn more about ashwagandha and a variety of brands.

Best Ashwagandha Gummies – By Category

1. Best Overall

What makes Goli the best ashwagandha gummies is the specific type of ashwagandha they use to make their gummies. Goli says each gummy is made with KSM-66 ashwagandha, the most concentrated root extract available. Each gummy is gelatin free and for every bottle sold, Goli donates a 6 month supply of vitamins to Vitamin Angels to help fight malnutrition.

While the instructions say to take 1-2 gummies, 3 times a day, I suggest playing around with those numbers to figure out your “sweet spot”. For instance maybe you find that you need 2 gummies during the day due to high stress at work. But at night, 1 gummy does the trick to get you to sleep. This way your 60 gummies will last a little bit longer for the price. 

Goli ashwagandha gummies have over 17,000+ reviews on Amazon today with plenty of people talking about how these gummies helped them in their daily stress, sex drive or sleep.

ZzzQuil Pure Zzzs Triple action gummies
stressballs destress+snooze gummies

2. Best for Sleep

If you are someone looking for natural ways to get to sleep, both ZzzQuil and Stressballs are some of the best ashwagandha gummies brands to do the trick. Combining the calming qualities of ashwagandha with melatonin makes for a drug free sleep aid. 

Compared to ZzzQuil’s pure Zzzs, this combination has 3x more melatonin to really fight those night time thoughts keeping you from a good night’s sleep. Stressballs brand de-stress and snooze ashwagandha gummies add in melatonin as well as a lavender and chamomile blend. And if you’re really struggling to sleep, you might consider beam dream powder which we wrote about not too long ago.

stressballs de-stress+focus gummies

3. Best for Focus

Stressballs took the benefits of lowering stress with ashwagandha and created their own herbal blend to help you de-stress and focus. Green tea and sage extract are part of their herbal mix that makes these ashwagandha gummies unique. Reviewers can’t give much love to the taste of these gummies but most of them fight through it because they say it works.

Yumi vitamin gummies - ashwagandha

4. Best Price

Yumi Vitamin Gummies by Stamiron are by far the biggest bang for your buck. Each serving size of these bad boys gets you 1500mg of ashwagandha extract. That’s roughly five times the amount in a serving of Goli brand ashwagandha gummies. 

Because the amount per serving is so much higher, this bottle of ashwagandha gummies should last you longer than most. Be mindful of the amount of extract you are ingesting and how your body reacts, as every body has different experiences.

Grummies ashwagandha gummies

5. Certified Clean

Grummies isn’t here to skimp. While some company’s may try to cut corners by using cheaper ingredients, Grummies stands by the fact that their gummies are made with the best of the best. To prove they have nothing to hide, the Grummies packaging has two labels that a lot of other ashwagandha gummies do not – Vegan Certified and IGEN Non-GMO Tested. You’ll also find that their products are made in the United States.

Grummies also worked hard to make their gummies taste great, only using real fruit flavors and sweeteners. The finished product is 100 mg of ashwagandha extract and only 3g of sugar. These are a worthy try for certain!

Pink stork ashwagandha gummies

6. Woman Owned Business

Pink Stork is on a mission to provide women with natural options for women across any stage of life. Part of their women focused relaxation line of products is a berry blast flavored ashwagandha gummy. These third party tested gummies are made without artificial ingredients and sweeteners so you can focus on relaxing and de-stressing.

Ashwagandha Gummies FAQs

Q: Should I take them in the morning or at night?

A: Ashwagandha gummies can be taken any time of day. Whether you take them first thing in the morning or before bed, really depends on what you are looking to use them for. If sleep is your issue, take them at night. If you struggle with anxiety during the day, taking these in the morning may help ease that issue.

Q: Will ashwagandha gummies make me sleepy?

A: The main use of ashwagandha is to help your body de-stress. For a lot of people, stress can be a factor when it comes to not being able to get to sleep. Therefore ashwagandha can make for a great sleep aid for some but does not have drowsy side effects.

Q: Is it ok to take them every day?

A: Currently it is considered safe to take 250mg to 500mg of ashwagandha extract per day. By starting at a lower dose, you can help gauge how your body responds and reacts to the extract to see how high your dosage may need to go.

Q: How long does it take to start working?

A: Some studies have had people report that it took 10 weeks before they began to feel the effects of the de-stressing extract. Other studies have found that it may take closer to 30 days before an individual begins seeing results.

In conclusion, ashwagandha gummies are a convenient and tasty way to incorporate this potent adaptogen into your routine. From enhancing stress response to boosting mood and sleep, the benefits are manifold. Each of the gummies we’ve reviewed excels in their own category, making it easier for you to choose the one that best fits your lifestyle and needs.

Remember, what works best for you is ultimately determined by your personal health goals and preferences. Always consult with a healthcare professional if you have specific health conditions or are taking medication. Here’s to your wellness journey, may it be empowered by the right ashwagandha gummy for you!

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